Looking Forward to the Weekend Indeed!

I cannot say more than enough that I am looking forward to the weekend coming ahead.  I will be taking my shower in 30 minutes or so, getting dressed for the day, and going to an appointment at 445, and then I hope I have company over for a little while at 6 pm tonight.  I do have to admit that not a whole lot is going on except taking my morning and afternoon of relaxation very seriously today.  I slept until 956 am this morning!  I slept in.  I do have to admit that I really took sleeping in very seriously today.  Strange dreams came about but I awakened to a fine cat at my feet sleeping and ready to cuddle and share some loving right away.  I was planning on getting up at 9 am to begin writing in my journals and diaries but that took yet another hour of sleep, lol.  I sure do feel kind of lazy today but that is my typical Friday.

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