A Surprise For Me…

I get a call from my mom this early evening but I missed it.  I tried calling her back twice but she did not answer right away so I though she may have run to the ladies room or was taking care of something in the kitchen.  She called me back letting me know that she was talking to Donna (her cousin).  I told her I thought she had run to the ladies room with a chuckle.  She said no.  The conversation went like so…  she told me that my birthday presents were going to be a little late.  I told her that was fine because then it would give me something to look forward to after my birthday (day) and I knew that they were traveling for the past several days.  She then told me that my birthday presents would be delivered in person this year.  Honestly, upon hearing that my birthday presents were going to be delivered in person put me in a state of mind of shock for a few seconds because my brain was not processing the words real fast.  The silence that was there pins could be heard if they were dropped.  My mom had asked me if I was still there.  I finally realized where I was and what was said, and excitement set in.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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