Trust Has Been Lost For Good!

I am very upset with CSE more than I have ever been.  I am finding out that I am not the only one who is upset with her – actually – and I do have to admit that her trust has been lost for good.  I cannot trust her at all now.  She has taken advantage of me in the past – in April.  As of now, today, I can not do anything for or with her but pray for her.  She is not well.  My emotional health needs to remain in check and when it flares up, it is best that I am not around other people who have unhealthy emotional issues, and CSE’s emotional health is not good – not at all good.  I have decided to stay away from her.  I have also decided to stay away from NMS as well – whenever possible.

Carrie has dug herself in a hole large enough now that I have found myself unable to help her because she is not asking for my help or even bothering to contact me in any way.  She has not been here to my place for a long time now and I see her only in passing.  She did stop by Tuesday morning to pick something up and leave.  I was not too happy about the intrusion because I was getting ready for my shower.  Her actions and attitude are troubling and I can not have anything to do with her now except pray for her. Sad, yes, but there is nothing I can do anymore.

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