My Life Without CSE

My life is without CSE at this time.  I do talk to her through texts and an occasional phone call, but I do not allow her in my home very often.  She met my parents from New Mexico this past weekend when they were here but that is about all.  She paid me her $5 for use of the internet before Wednesday.  I see her at breakfasts we have been having every Saturday – 3 times a month – and at potlucks. She has been having trouble with paying her bills, her rent being late all the time, and she has been getting 5-day notices for things because she is not doing what she is supposed to be doing as a tenant keeping up with her rent.  Her situation is very sad.  I have nothing in common with her anymore.  I can not hang around her like I once did because of the fact that her behavior is strange.  I am doing my best at giving her ‘benefit of doubt” lately but she does not open up to me or to anyone who can help her.  She has become more strange and people in the building see it.  She brings onto herself her problems and digging holes so large that she can not get herself out because she will not allow anyone to help her.  She does not speak up for help.  I won’t bail her out.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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