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I cannot really explain any further than what my title states … it does relate to my July 11, 2013 diary entry.  CSE is out of my life.  I also have to say, too, that NMS is out of my life.  I do not want nothing / anything to do with both of these people.  I will be civil to them in public areas of Burbank Plaza Apartment complex and when it comes to church, it will be civilized.  I just can not have these two people in my life any longer because of their health is not good for my health.  I am glad to be away from these people.  I can now concentrate on my spiritual growth and my own emotional health now without all the negativity and great exhaustion I get from both CSE and NMS.

CSE has broken the rules here at our building and everything CSE does is what she does and she does not care about the rules that have been in place for years and are now being enforced and strictly followed.  CSE has brought in another cat without authorization and I am not sure if she has gotten rid of the second cat like she was supposed to but then again, I haven’t kept up with CSE for a long time now.  She lies, does not care about the rules that are to be followed, acts like nothing happened, and has hurt me in the process of what has happened in the past year or so.  Yes, CSE and I have history when she was CKR, but that DOES NOT relate to today as CSE.  I do not know CSE as I thought I did, and I wish not to know her any longer.  She is nothing but a trouble maker and has caused grief among other tenants in our building.  The reason I have NMS out of my life as well is because she is helping CSE in a way that is not healthy.  CSE is sick and needs to be in the hospital.  CSE can not take care of herself properly any longer anymore either.

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