Been Busy

Along with keeping my emotional health under wraps the best I can at times it is most tough, I do know for a fact that I have been super duper busy.  I have something happening everyday of the week now.  I even have been approved, about three weeks ago now, for shower help seven days a week instead of six.  I get my showers Sunday through Saturday now, and I love it.  This is how my schedule is today:

Sunday – church in the morning and shower in the afternoon.  I go to church every Sunday as long as a ride is available both ways.

Monday – shower in the morning and then laundry and cleaning in the later morning and early afternoon.  I also talk to my worker MM some time in the afternoon as well.

Tuesday – shower in the morning, grocery shopping in the later morning, and then weight watchers. (WW was moved from Wednesdays to Tuesdays)

Wednesday – showers in the later morning and is a free day

Thursday – shower in the morning and then food preparation in the later morning, and is considered my organization day as well.

Friday – free morning until 245 pm and then I have my Friday afternoon shower.

Saturday – church whenever the pastor goes to Beloit or Woodland and Saturday afternoon shower at 3:45 pm or 2 pm (depends on my shower gals – whether it is B or T)

That is my weekly schedule.  Along the way, I do not stay up late anymore either.  I go to bed by 9 pm most nights now so writing in my Dear Diary journal has become more broken than most recent past months.  I have to write when I can now in most cases.  I am a very busy gal.  Even during the week, I have appointments that can not be missed so I have to work around them as well. It is not always easy working around my shower schedule or time with my Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday workers at IDS (Independent Disability Services) but it does get taken care of one way or another.

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