July is Gone, August is Here

July is Gone

I am glad July is gone.  Even though it was my birthday month, I do have to say that I have had some rough spots – emotional upsets.  I had to walk away from a couple of people in my life – who live in the building I live.  I  could no longer handle their emotional issues and mine.  I have my own emotional issues to keep on the level or I will end up in the hospital with a breakdown.  I will be civil to the people I have walked away from but I can not have them in my life on regular basis anymore.  Their emotional health and my own emotional health mesh.  I have had flags popping up a lot with one neighbor – friend – since April or May.  Then the month turned out to be a challenge for the manager and the property management with one specific tenant.  Ever since the manager – onsite – has enforced the rules and regulations of living here she has been getting some flack from tenants who liked it the way it was before the rules and regulations have been enforced and the onsite manager has been doing her job the way management is to work.  I do not feel sorry for those tenants who do not want to follow the rules.  If someone does not follows the rules and regulations of living in an apartment complex like then they will end up paying the consequences and not be able to live here.  We have all the apartments filled with tenants while for the years I have lived here – since March 1998 – the building never had all the apartments filled.  Now, with our new manager, all the apartments are spoken for.

As for the two people I walked away from, I will be civil to them in public areas of the building.  As for one of the people I have walked away from, she has not been following the rules and regulations of living here, caused some trouble with the manager – not for the manager – and has been evicted.  Once this tenant is no longer here, I will have no more contact with her whatsoever.  As for the other person I have walked away from, her mental stability is not good.  I just do not want any contact with them anymore.  The last couple of days in July I decided to have two phone numbers blocked on my Smart Limits so they can not call me any longer.  I have gotten so frustrated with these two people to the point of having to not be a part of their lives any longer.  Like I said before, I have my own emotional issues to contend with and work out on a daily basis, and I need not be hanging around others that can bring me down.  I have chosen to stay upright, head held up, and hang around positive people along with Christians.

August is Here

With July gone and August finally here.  I do have to say that I did not hate the month of July but I sure can say that I am glad it is finally gone for another year.  I found myself with some emotional upsets that I could not figure out.  I had my 43rd birthday on the 3rd of July.  I have learned that someone is not a friend after all,  Now with July in the past, I can concentrate what is in the here and now



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