Strangely Enough

I can not really come up with a title any other way but the title for this one.  Today I realized how nice it is to have no more land line,  On August 12, 2013, I had my land line phone disconnected and use the line for internet only since I still use a DSL modem through AT&T.  I have been satisfied, whereas many of my friends and family have not been satisfied, with AT&T for years.  I have moved right along with phone companies in my area over the years since I was a child and now that I am an adult living in Wisconsin – same area since 1985 – I have grown accustomed to moving and changing along with phone companies.  Anyway, I think I am getting off the subject here, lol.

August 12, 2013 was going to change my life a little bit regarding a change in my expenses in bills.  I do not know why I did not do this a long time ago knowing that many people, like my parents in NM and AR have no land line phones anymore but use cell phones as their home phone number(s) now.  The question, “why did you not do this a long time ago.” has been asked by my parents in NM and AR  and I could not give an answer or plan to. I really do not know why and didn’t go to a cell phone and internet only and then I decide to disconnect my land line.  In the long run, it has been done – finally.  I no longer have a land line and use my cell as my home phone.  I just have to remember to have it with me at all times from now on.  I have yet to leave it behind from time to time.

With that said, I do have to say that two weeks later, I have really enjoyed the peace and quiet of having my phone ring less.  I do not have the want or need to talk on the phone as much.  Texting on the phone to family and friends is pretty much the choice of communication now-a-days.  I email not so often anymore, either although it is there.  I love the sound of silence of having no phone in the house anymore except for my cell.  Being able to get online without a land line is awesome.  I do have to admit that the idea of going this route was scary at first but I have seen and heard many people having cell phones only as their main line coming in and still be on the internet through the phone company if they so choose.  I have chosen to go that route and I was convinced – not easily but in time – to do so myself.  Change and I do not mix company very well at times unless it is introduced to me slowly and/or ahead of time.  That may be part of my anxiety and panic disorder that is in recovery.  Even change and I have been mixing better and more comfortably since March 2012.  I have learned to accept change more quickly lately.

So that is why I titled this entry “Strangely Enough” today.  Ahhh, the peace and quiet of not having a phone in the house other than my cell phone is awesome.  I love it.  I will not go back to a land line for as long as I am still independent and free.  I enjoy the idea of not talking on the phone as much or hardly ever now.  It is a scary though… I love to talk, lol.  My world is different now, without a land line, and I really appreciate the different in this case.  Now I just have to remember that I have taken and put my land line phones and put them away, remember to take my cell phone everywhere I go, and not go for a phone (land line) that is not physically there anymore.  They’re here but not put away in the closet.

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