Taking Time This Morning Before 9 AM

Here I am, taking time this morning before 9 am to do writing and get my thoughts in order.  Yesterday was a very good day and I had time for myself all day except when I was at church and my shower gal was here.  I did not have any company yesterday otherwise and it was an enjoyable afternoon and evening with myself and my kitty Bing (8 years old).  I just did not want to have any company yesterday.  I just do not give myself a lot of time to do things before I get busy for the day and if I have to get up early in the morning or wait until later in the day to do any journaling, writing, and reading that will have to be the case but by afternoon, I am just ready to do other things like watch TV, go on Facebook, and do nothing.  I cannot wait until the weather gets cooler – not colder – to enjoy the weather.

I have learned, by trial and error, even though I love to write and share my thoughts to the public here, that getting up early is not a bad idea to get to studying and reading the Bible, share some thoughts here at Dear Diary, and get on Facebook to say good morning and happy birthday to those who have birthdays, and see what others have posted online while away.  I find it easier to do so right away, after waking up, to write in the morning and an occasional afternoon and evening.  If I miss a day or two, I miss a day or two.  I am a busy girl these days and I have to shuffle my schedule better to suit my lifestyle.  I have to learn to accept this change and it is not easy yet.  All is good otherwise – at this point.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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