My Facebook Post I Wrote Today

This is what I wrote earlier today on my Facebook page as my status at the time I wrote it earlier today around lunch time.

I will not risk my emotional, physical, and mental health for no one when I have to take care of myself. I know some people do not understand this but that is their choice to do so. I am here to be for my high school and middle school colleagues, Christian friends and my immediate family who want and wish to have me on their Facebook page. I am not on Facebook to gain popularity as that is such and so high school age attitude. I am here for a reason and God knows why i am here, and I understand why. I love Jesus and I know Jesus loves me. I am only human and I make mistakes in my life that I and God will work out together. I won’t become an emotional basket case because someone deletes me as a friend. It is their choice. I have my own issues and problems to do with today and always and my life is what it is today. I am going to deal with what comes my way the best I can and go on with my life with God guiding me. I love life and I know who my true friends are.

Now that I have said my peace for today, does anyone have any questions? Please do not be afraid to ask and I will answer the questions that come my way. God bless!

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