Trust Issues!

Trust has become a big issue these days for me.  I can only trust a couple of people now-a-days.  I can still trust RS who lives above me in the building we live in but now I am leaving it professional between the on-site manager and myself from now on.  I rarely go to anything that is happening in the community room anymore because I find it difficult to trust anyone anymore altogether except for those who are working for me and with me as far as my independence is concerned and considered.  The trust I have lost with some people is very personal and definitely very private.  I am not going to walk on egg shells because someone is watching me like a hawk somewhere in my life if I can help it but it has come to the point that staying in my own apartment. My mom’s husband does tell it right when it comes to trusting people and staying close to home.  I have begun to do that in most recent time.  I rarely go anywhere in the building anymore.

Time has come to say good bye to CSE from my life.  She needs to get her life straightened out and realize who love her dearly.  I love CSE very much but I can only do so much for others without my emotional health going downhill.  I have already had gotten through a major bout of anxiety and panic this past summer because of CSE and her actions, lies, behavior, and how she has gotten herself in trouble here at the building I live in.  I already have a cat and I can not have another cat right now – one pet per tenant.  CSE was evicted and despite the efforts of the management, she was adamant and not a good listener of the rules while she lived here.  The memory of her living here for a month in my apartment is a memory I can not get out of my mind fast enough and I am not thrilled at what she did and still not thrilled.

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