November 30th

I have made some changes this morning.

Today I am going to church in Beloit, Wisconsin.  I am looking forward to going and enjoying myself with other church members.  Due to the fact that this weekend happens to be the Thanksgiving Day weekend, my ride to church has been bumped to next weekend because my seat is already taken.  The family who picks me up for church will have family tomorrow and they are going to church.

I cannot believe that it is already the last day of the month of November. It actually feels weird to me that the month has gone by so quickly.  With Thanksgiving coming later this year, I have found one reason why the month seems so weird to me.  Also, last weekend I was not feeling the greatest so I called the nurse at the clinic about getting an urine analysis done Tuesday morning and that was put on record immediately.  I did find out that I had an UTI and so the doctor, not Dr. K, put me on Bactrim DS (double strength) for five days.  Tuesday was my first dose and Sunday morning is my last dose after taking it two times a day Wednesday – Saturday.  No big deal.  I get them often but I can say, with a smile, that this is my first UTI this year of 2013!

More later.  I have to run now and get ready for church for the day

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