My Day On December 10, 2013

I am so glad that my afternoon has been cleared for the rest of the day.  I had my shower at 830 am and grocery shopping at 12 noon to 2 pm.  It was, to me, a long day for some reason.  Even though it was not really a long day in reality, it felt like a long day to me.  I do not know if it was because I had gone grocery shopping for the past two weeks later in my day that was off my normal schedule or my mind was just feeling like it had a long day.  I just do not really know anymore to be very honest here.  I guess I have to let the day finish out and play out.

I am going to be brutally honest in my thinking thought process at the moment and be open about it.  I am getting sick and tired of certain tenants, who will all remain nameless at the moment, thinking that they have been wronged by the management.  I understand that the tenants I am thinking about have the feeling they have been wronged but I have not had any problem with the management here so far and I cannot be pulled into a world that I have no control over.   I do understand what some of the tenants are feeling and dealing with but I believe that there are some facts that NEED to be founded before their overthinking takes over and they assume what is really going on.  One of the tenants, unless things change, is planning on moving out once she comes to being re-certified.  Maybe, all in all, it would be best that she would move.  I also know of another tenant who happens to be dealing with some legal issues and that tenant is fighting a very good fight but as far as everything else, I do not feel comfortable.  I will take a stand any time it does involve me but right now what is happening to a certain group of tenants DOES NOT INVOLVE ME!  That is one reason why I have stayed close to home and in my apartment where one place in my world I should feel safe in.

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