My Thoughts For Monday, December 9, 2013

Okay, for a Monday, I have to say that my day is one of mixed emotions.  I had my shower at 9 am this morning, got dressed for the day, a worker from IDS with the initial C came for KP this morning around 1115 am and stayed until shortly after 1 pm.  I had company over for a while.  My neighbor RS and her dog Spot dropped by.  At 2 pm I went to the office to get my re-certification packet filled out, and Bing enjoyed his time roaming about the office and the manager’s apartment who happens to have four cats named Roxie, Yoda, Peanut, and Bon Bon/Bonnie.  Bonnie huffed and hissed at Bing a couple of times and found it pointless because he did not react to it.  I never saw Peanut come out to see the “new” cat in her apartment but the other three were just having their eyes upon Bing big time.  Bing settled in rather quickly and it was time for “us” to go home by that time.  After that 2 pm appointment, the day with mixed emotions were beginning to calm down some but my world was still at a questionable state.  The important thing is that my anxiety was calmer by the later afternoon.

For some reason, as busy as my day was going, I was dreading about going to the Christmas dinner.  I knew none of my friends were going to be there or hadn’t signed up because of all the so-called unethical business going on.  I knew that RS was not going to be there or cared to sign up because our friend DQ was not going to be there that day because she had to do something outside the building that calls work.  I knew that one of the group members was going to be there – LU – but who else was not known.  Other than dreading about going to the dinner, I was not even sure if I really wanted to go.  I did not know if NMS was even going to be there.  The signup sheet was no longer out to be viewed.  I have decided to chalk it all up and go even though it was against my own better judgment.  Two people who work with me said I might be surprised who was going to be there.

Now the rest of the day is mine until 830 am tomorrow morning.  I have a fairly busy week this week and I am not even sure what day is going to be the busiest yet, lol.  It looks like every day is going to be a busy day until Friday but I have to wait and see.  I know I am going to be stepping out of my comfort zone on a couple of days.  Now that I think about it, three days ahead, I am looking forward to seeing JM again after she left Catholic Charities and just came back after AH left the last couple days of November before Thanksgiving.  Yep, JM is back!  Woo hoo!

Oh yeah, winter is settling right in these days in good ol’ Wisconsin!  The temperatures are getting colder and snow is coming and going.  I really do not mind winter but I do not like going out in the cold unless I really have to.  Even though the weather is getting colder and winter is settling in, the Devil/Satan/Lucifer IS NOT going to stop me from attending church on Saturdays or Sundays, Bible study/Prayer meeting on Wednesday nights, or grocery shopping days, or whenever I get my hair trimmed nice.  Otherwise I am staying snuggled in my apartment and going for walks on the 1st floor and seeing who comes and goes while I am out and about.  I will write more later or tomorrow or whenever I can.


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