My Thoughts For the Evening

It is not exactly late.  It is only 707 pm in the evening but I wanted to get in another entry in before it got any later.  I have had my shower at 215 this afternoon, got in into something comfortable, watch a little television – Murder. She Wrote episodes that were recorded last night – and of course, eat supper.  I want to take my evening meds at 8 pm, relax for a couple of hours with the lights off, and go to bed at 10 pm tonight.  I did so last night when my friend and her dog went outdoors for the last time and then came back turning off the lights as they left with her items she brought down for dinner last night.  I had fallen asleep very quickly after that waking up between 600 and 630 am.

Anyway … today has been a fine day.   It is cold outdoors right now.  It was only 7 degrees when I left to go to church at Woodland and now during the 7 o’clock hour the temperature is 12 degrees.  Still, with the temperature being “better” than it was this morning, I do have to say it is still cold out there.  I am glad to be inside where it is warm and comfortable.

I have to say good night and God bless.  It is time for me to go and do some Bible study and reading before relaxing.  I did have a great day.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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