My Saturday Morning Thoughts

I do not have a whole lot of time to write this morning but I thought I would get a start on it this morning.  I am going to church this morning with Pastor V and his family: wife CV, and Grandma and Grandpa V.  I had awakened at 630 am having to take care of myself and then I laid down for a while longer until my alarm went off at 7:16 am prompting me to get dressed and ready for my day.  I do have to say that I had to get out of bed three times to stop Bing from being on the TV tray table in the bedroom that has very important stuff on it.  I was not very thrilled with his cat-like behavior at that hour of the morning but soon he stopped being a cat and lay down on the bed with me until my alarm went off.  Even though I was awake at 630 am and laid down in bed for almost an hour more was just to have time with my cat Bing Crosby before I began my day.

I am now dressed and ready to go to church, meds taken for the morning, and my church materials all ready to go.  Now I am just waiting for time to pass before I get my water jug ready to go for the morning and grab a banana to eat on the way out the door to wait for my ride.  I am off to do other things at this time.  I will write more later today and I do believe the only company I am going to have this afternoon is my shower gal.


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