Last Entry of 2013

I do not mean to be a party pooper or anything but this gal is not going to be celebrating the New Year coming in this year.  I have not celebrating the New Year coming in for about two to three years now.  I am not sure if I have celebrated even longer than that now to be very honest here.  My memory fails me.

With that said, I am not saying that I am not interested in the New Year coming in and today is the last day of the year 2013.  I just did not make any party plans this year.  My friend RS happens to be in a nursing home at this time recovering from surgery and is not home yet.  We have not talked yet today.  I have talked to her only once since she has been in the hospital and in rehab recovering from surgery but I do hope to hear from her later today.

I do not have any New Year resolutions this year. I have stopped making resolutions in 2012 when I realize that I keep breaking my resolutions anyway.  I am not superstitious anymore and realize I am not the only one now.  I just pray for a better year and a good beginning and end when it comes to stuff like this now.  I have also learned that some people are successful in some areas of life more than others and no one is the same.

I had my shower at 830 am this morning but the rest of the day and tomorrow is all mine.  I have decided to give my shower gal RK the day off so she could be with her son for New Year’s even though I do not believe in celebrating or seeing the New Year come in at 12 midnight anymore.  So tomorrow I have the day to myself … of course with my cat Bing Crosby too.  I am just sitting here watching TV and texting my friends who have texted me, and playing games on my phone, and writing.  In fact I do not do a lot of writing long entries lately because Bing wants to be in my lap and that takes priority over a laptop these days and always.  That will never change in 2014 either.

I rarely watch live TV now-a-days but I have done so in the past couple of days.  It is nice to do that now.  I believe watching live TV is fun.  I have been watching Investigative Discoveries that is Channel 146 here.  I am going to revamp my recordings once I get my new television and get my Roku 2 set up anyway.  I will not be recording Murder, She Wrote anymore after that.  I got the Roku system for Christmas from my mom and her husband, Papa, with a few other nice things.

I still cannot believe that 2013 is ending and 2014 is coming into play already but the year did go by very quickly for the most part.  I do not have anything to reminisce about for the year 2013 because I write often enough in my diaries today and always.  I do have to admit that I have been lacking the time in writing in my diaries lately, though.  I do not think that is going to change much in 2014 either.  I am not making any promises I can’t or won’t keep anymore.  I can only promise to do my best.  With 2013 bowing out and 2014 stepping up to the plate, I can only go one day at a time without feeling anxiety and dealing with what comes my way one day at a time.  That is one thing I am going to change for the year 2014.  I am not going to worry about tomorrow or what is in my future.  There is no sense in doing that.  Yes, I will still make plans and appointments in the future as time moves on but I am not going to worry about anything that does not pertain to the moment at hand in my world.  I am going to nip this anxiety and panic disorder in the bud as much as I can for the year 2014 and work out what comes when it comes.  I believe I have said enough for today.

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