My Thoughts for the First Day of 2014

January 1

The first day of the year 2014!  No New Year resolutions here whatsoever.  I end up breaking the resolution later when I start something and then later quitting.  So I vowed I was not going to make any lists of New Year resolutions anymore.  It may be sad to some people who believe in making resolutions in a new year but sometimes it does not work for everyone.  I am looking forward to a good year and I did vow that I would not be too far from my walker every day and use it no matter what.  I had fallen once in 2013 and once in 2012, and once 2011, and once in 2010.  I cannot fall anymore or I can break something.  Falling is dangerous when it comes to me.  I am not superstitious or anything but I did vow that this year was going to be the best year possible in my world.

A year ago September I have dropped my friendship with JSL for reasons that it had become toxic.  Her dad was let go from his position as property manager, and that really upset him.  I understand that it upset him and that he has lost his job through the new management that took over the summer of 2013 but his daughter became defiant and nasty toward me as well as saying things that I said to her parents when I did not say it.  She has always caused problems in our friendship that was toxic and/or made our friendship very volatile.  JSL has attacked me twice and harmed me both times and the first attack she broke my glasses because they flew off my face onto gravel.  The second time she did not listen to the manager and she let herself into my apartment and started screaming and hollering, threatening me she was going to call her father and have me evicted, and she attacked me again making it very difficult for me to escape my own apartment without her blocking me in.  My screams sent the tenant who lived below me running to the manager and she came running up to my apartment and let herself in with the master key because JSL had locked my door after coming into my apartment.  The manager took care of the situation and the police were called.  JSL has problems with the police before so her reputation with the police.  She was on probation for five years when we met.  I should have known that there would be   I do not regret becoming friends with her, I just regret on how the friendship ended and I had to end the friendship so abruptly.  I had to end the friendship abruptly because of her attitude had changed.  So this day has begun in a way I did not exactly expect.  I have learned that JSL has not let things stay in the past where the past belongs.  She is just another adult trouble maker I need to stay away from and what friendship I had with her is now in the past where it belongs.  I am totally surprised she even tried connecting with me via Facebook after all this time but I also know her hidden agenda in the plan if I even do connect with her again.  She is nothing but trouble.  Of all the days she tries to befriend me on Facebook is today, the first day of 2014?  Okay.  It is definitely weird and uncalled for.

Another thing that happened today, that I found weird, was that another good friend of mine messaged me and asked me about a gentleman with the same last name as mine.  The person my friend was talking about is a cousin of mine who I have no communication with and have not seen for several years.  The last time I saw my cousin my friend was talking about was at his father’s funeral.  I found this odd and the odd part of it is – my friend lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Honestly, the first day of 2014 has definitely found some loops in it for sure.  It has been a strange day to some point but I am doing okay.

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