Change In Plans

Today, due to weather concerns for next Monday and Tuesday, I had gone grocery shopping with my IDS caseworker MM this morning, and ran to a couple of other places along the way home to get what I needed and wanted.  I shop at Woodman’s Grocery and I get certain items at Walgreens.  The temperature for Monday and Tuesday is to be in the negative and the wind chill is to be much worse that someone can get frost bit in 5 to 10 minutes.  Oh yeah, I went to the bank as well to take care of a money order for my rent for the month.  I cannot find my check book at this time so I decided to get a money order for rent instead.

I do not deal with change very well but I have dealt with it better in the past couple of years now and more since 2012 but I surely can say that going grocery shopping this morning did throw my schedule off enough for me to notice the impact it put on me.  I have a schedule set up for me for a reason and I would like to stick to that schedule.  I do understand, and that is where change has been accepted more quickly, that certain days will bring on plans at the last minute.  I do not do spur of the moment plans anymore because of my schedule.  It is a little harder now.

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