My Thoughts About the Building I Live In

This is something I have been meaning to say and write about for the longest time now and so here it goes.I feel I live in a very nice apartment complex. I have lived at the apartment complex since March 1998 and I have, through the past 16 years. Tenants come and go. Some have died while they were living here but otherwise I still feel I have been living in a nice place. For 11 years I lived on the 3rd floor and then I have moved to the 1st floor have been living there since October 2009. I feel comfortable living on the 1st floor and have loved it ever since. I do also have to admit that living here has caused some headaches and tears were shed. I have learned a lot in the past 16 years living here that not everyone is your friend. Living in an apartment like this is so close knit and you can hear a lot of noise at times because the walls are thin and do not have a lot of insulation to buffer the noises we can hear. When this place was built in 1986, I believe that they made this a low income housing building for the purpose of not putting in a lot into it. That is why it is a subsidized housing complex for 62 and over. I may be only 43 but at the time I moved in, they were allowing young, handicapped people to live here. Today that is not the case, though. It has changed. The tenants who are younger than 55 or 62 have been grandfathered in and are allowed to continue living here as long as we abide by the rules, regulations, and other things that are important to know as a tenant. Believe it or not, I am one person who does not want to cross a tenant so I stay close to home. I am not a recluse but staying from others at times is definitely necessary in my book.

I have been called a recluse by a tenant. I do not like it when she does it but that is what she sees me as. I do not say anything to her about it because she does not know my schedule and I rarely see her. Our schedules are not the same. I have a schedule every day I follow. My schedule is that on Mondays I have my 9 am shower, get dressed, grocery shopping, and then cleaning and laundry. On Tuesdays I go to Weight Watchers but that is postponed until weather gets warmer again but I have my shower at 830 am. On Wednesdays I have my shower at 1015 am and Bible study at 7 pm. On Thursdays I have my shower at 830 am, and then food preparation in the late and early afternoon. On Fridays I am defending myself until my shower at 3 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, I have my showers every other weekend at 2 pm and at 345 pm, and at 300 pm. I go to church on Saturdays twice a month and every Sunday when a ride is available. So in my book, I am not a recluse. I just keep to myself more than I used to because I do not like to socialize with too many people anymore. Our building I live has its history of good and bad, and believe me when I say good and bad. Every place has its good and bad history and it is best to not part of history if it can be helped.
Our building, seriously, has its cliques, and it reminds of high school. Not everyone likes everyone and that is to be expected. I have learned, since I have lived in the same building for 16 years, you belong or you don’t belong. That seems childish to me but I guess folks older than you can be in cliques. I have always had difficulty being in cliques because of the way people act. I’d rather be in a group fun, loving, and Christian people. That is my comfort zone.

I have learned to stay close to home and go from there with my life. I am still working on my imperfection of allowing certain things get to me and cause great anxiousness within myself. I am allowing Satan to bring me down. At the same time, with my schedule, I do get out, and that matters to me.


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