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There are days I wish I could stay up longer and write away all my thoughts of the day but it has come to that time, getting older and busier, I find myself thinking about something that has hit home in the heart. Today is one of those days. In church we talked about how hard it is to forgive those who have harmed us in some way, hurt us in ways that are unimaginable, and yet unforgivable in the eyes of the one that got hurt badly. The sermon on forgiveness did not scare me but it was an eye opener that drove my heart to write four names on a piece of paper, I cannot explain why except for the fact that God pushed me to do so this morning at church as well as seeing many others go up and write names on their paper and discard them in the waste basket. My mind has been on fire ever since and time is not enough to write about it because I have been gaming on Facebook all evening and watching Perry Mason.

This morning, before I left for church, I got on Facebook to wish my sister a happy birthday. She is twenty-seven years old today! Wow! My sister has grown into a fine young woman with a wonderful job managing Target in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Her job keeps her moving every couple of years or so and this time, after living in Wichita, Kansas and near the Colorado border with her job, Target has moved her to Marshfield, Wisconsin. She loves her job. It is tough but she enjoys it. I cannot forget my sister’s birthday! She is one of my pride and joys of my life and that will remain that way forever. She is the sister I have always wanted and got when I was 16 years old. Yes, we are sixteen years apart.

Oh boy…the month is almost half over already! WOW! Tomorrow I have a busy day. Shower at 9 am, grocery shopping shortly afterwards, and cleaning and laundry day.

I will write more tomorrow or later in the week.

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