Not A Whole Lot

After I got home from church, I have to say that getting on the computer was not an option. Even my phone was not an option.  I was tired enough to just get ready for bed, take my evening medication, and go to bed.  I just did not feel right about getting right on the computer.  I realized that my computer could wait.  I decided to great ready for bed, take my evening meds, and read a chapter from the Little Women series I have on my Kindle reader, and then go to bed.  Life on the computer was too late.  Wednesday night is my late night and I have to get up before 830 am or lay in bed until RK comes to help me with my morning shower, and I have company coming over afterwards to prepare meals for the week Thursday mornings.  In the winter time I find myself having more difficulty with staying awake so I have found a way to do so.

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