My Monday Thoughts

Ahhh, the weekend is FINALLY over and my week has begun at 9 am this morning.  Went grocery shopping and my laundry and cleaning got done.  The hardest thing today was the fact that other tenants were doing their laundry as well and so my worker C had to take my wet clothes to a laundry mat because all the dryers were being used.  That was the only hang up this week, lol.  Last week, when C was here, a tenant was hovering over her waiting for a dryer to be free so she could get her laundry dry as well, and that did not make C very happy.  It made C very nervous to be very honest.  Also, there was a tenant who was using all the washers and dryers when tenants are supposed to only do two loads of laundry.  That did not make C very happy about the rules not being followed and C follows the rules.  I do, too.

I am so glad that tomorrow will be Tuesday.  It is going to be a semi-busy day along with Wednesday.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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