“Life Goes On”

I do have to admit that I am still feeling very uncomfortable with what happened Saturday between me and RS Saturday night but I surely am hoping to resolve it before too long.  Having such anxiety and thinking I no longer want to have any friends in the building has crossed my mind big time yesterday and I am going to stick to that idea for good even when RS and I work things out.  RS and I are two adults and we can work things out civilly but it is going to take a few days to calm down.  The anxiety is great at my end.  I can feel the warmth and heat in my face and that is a horrible feeling to have.  It is an uneasiness that cannot be pushed away just like that.

Despite how I felt from Saturday evening to this point, I do have to say that life must go on and life does go on.  It is just like the television show that starred Kellie Martin, Chris Burke, Bill Smitrovich, and Patti LuPone…”Life Goes On”.  It has become one of those most important aspects of life.  God is still in my world and I am glad of that.  Having things to do that are important in my life, I have to go on with my day as normal no matter what emotions I have felt the past three days and practically four nights now.  I know, deep down in my heart RS and I will work things out.

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