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It has been VERY busy around here lately.  It is amazing that I have even found time to write this morning.  I have had my shower at 830 am, my IDS worker is here doing laundry and cleaning now – 1040 am – because the IDS office was closed for President’s Day yesterday.  I will be going grocery shopping this afternoon at 12 noon to ?? as well because of yesterday.  The schedule did not throw me off or anything but I am feeling like a chicken with her head cut off getting up to do this and that, and find my world a little topsy turvy today.  I am managing, though.  No anxiety or anything – no feeling of it anyway at the moment.  At least I will be getting out to go grocery shopping shortly and then come back to do other things that are important to me.  I have not been on Facebook yet except to post spiritual, uplifting Scriptures from my cell phone from  I do my best at posting Scriptures from my phone daily but there is an issue sometimes.

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