Today at church I had learned that my neighbor NMS had gotten in a car accident that made her car flip twice and she was sitting in her car upside down as the car was it’s top!  The car is totaled and NMS is going to be fine.  She was St. Mary’s Hospital getting checked out and released later in the afternoon.

After church, hoping to see Grandma Van Arsdale at Cedar Crest, I went to get my labs drawn for Madison and an UA done.  I have not been feeling the greatest but not at my total worse either.  I will find out my results on Monday.  As I was coming home, NMS came right behind me with church members bringing her home from the hospital.

I am glad NMS is going to be okay!  When I had heard the news of her getting into the car accident, my heart felt strange at first until I heard she was going to be okay.  I love NMS very much and wish nothing bad to happen to her but there are days I have to back away from her because of her mood shifts and other issues that are going on in my life.  She has defended CSE so many times and is an enabler so it is best to stay a part from people like that.  There needs to be an intervention for CSE!


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