Some Things Just Happen

From now on I am not going to be playing catch up when it comes to writing in my diary.  I am a fairly busy gal these days and I just do not have a whole lot of time.  I am still going to stick to writing but it will not be everyday as I had hoped.  Life is what it is today and that is the way I see it.  My world spins and spins and I have spun many webs in my lifetime just like everyone else yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and some of those webs have not been pleasant.  Life is not always a ripe bowl of cherries.  There are some rotten ones in there as well unfortunately.  I live life one day at a time now and stay out of trouble by keeping to myself.  I do not like to be a part of a group because there is always someone in the group that starts trouble and where I live, there is trouble brewing and at this time I have nothing to do with the trouble that is going on.  Writing about such life day after day can bore people and I wish not to be boring or repetitive in a way that I am a nuisance or someone’s pain in the behind.  I’d rather be considered the type of person who loves and does what she can do in life.  I love Jesus and I know he died for me and my sins, and I love reading the Bible and studying with others.  Life is not as easy as I would lie it to be but I can surely live day by day!

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As a diarist and blogger, please bear with me as I continue to upgrade my blog as time moves forward. Thank you.

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