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The weekend is now behind me and now that Monday has come into play I am going to have a very busy day, and tomorrow is going to be a semi-busy day.  I got my labs drawn Saturday and I had gotten a call from my kidney coordinator on the results of my blood work that I had done and found that my creatinine is 1.9 but the rest of my labs are excellent.  I am once again, somehow, dehydrated once again so from this day forward, or since the weekend, I will be drinking lots of liquids that do not have caffeine in them.  I am not much of a pop drinker anymore anyway.  Pop tastes good but it does horrible numbers to our bones, teeth, and vital organs. I have been dehydrated several times before in the past 25 years now that I am very good with my body.  Anyway, I was glad I was able to talk to my kidney transplant coordinator in Madison today and I got my labs drawn for the month of February, and took care of things with the right people.

For a couple of years now I have been unable to trust the Mercy system in my city and state.  It began in 2012 that later sent my emotions into a whirlwind of confusion and anger.  I have not been to the emergency room ever since March of 2012 and care not to have the Mercy system take care of me as far as my kidney is concerned.  The memory of the ER doctors not doing what I have asked them to do and being sent home and by the fifth visit to ER one of the doctors did exactly what I specified, and I was admitted into the hospital for two days to get rehydrated from being dehydrated and my potassium level was low.  I was not very happy that I had to visit the ER five times to finally get things done right.  I am still not happy with Mercy except for the primary doctor I have that does work for the Mercy system.  I do trust my primary doctor here in my city but that is about it.  As far as going to the ER at Mercy Hospital that will never happen again.

With all that happened to me that year, I ended up having a breakdown at my counseling appointment and was willing to be admitted into the hospital for my emotional help.  I was in the hospital for 3 days and discharged by Friday and the weekend had fully taken place.  I had gotten my medications revamped and taken care of as far as my anxiety and panic disorder, and I have, since then, found myself in a better state of mind.

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