The 2nd Day of March

What can I talk about today?  Not a whole lot is happening.  I did not go to church this weekend except for yesterday when I went to Woodland Community Church with the Pastor and his wife, and his dad.  Grandma V is at Cedar Crest right now after having broken her hip and having minor surgery to fix it and she is recovering from that.  I am not sure if she is going to go back home or stay at Cedar Crest in the assisted living center.  If she stays at the assisted living center Grandpa V, the Pastor’s Dad, will be with her.  I do know that, from talking to the Pastor and his wife CV, Grandma V is doing well but she does have some bad moments from time to time.  She is still high spirited and the same person I have known for the past couple of years but her mind wanders from time to time because she has Alzheimer’s disease and it is getting worse – it’s bound to.  I feel for her and the entire family who is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease in Grandma V because my Grandpa F had the same thing.  Grandpa F died on February 15, 2003.

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