My Sunday & Surprise

Ahhh, the weekend is about over!  Anyway, I had my friend RS and her pup Sport down for a while after she took him outside for his dinner outing to go potty.  I enjoyed having them here.  But before they were here in the evening, I did go to church with the family who has been taking me for the past couple of years now as far as my memory goes.  My friends SW and her husband MW did not make it to church as planned because they just woke up when I got to church so I went to Sunday School and saw my friends EPM and her husband RM instead.  I sat with them.  After church and getting home, I decided to call my mom and papa answered the phone saying “this is bar and grill, grill speaking.”  I asked “grill” if I could speak to “bar”, and papa and I ended up chatting for a while.  Just a few minutes before I called I had gotten an email from papa and he had mentioned about a “Rattie” meaning a Rat Terrier dog that they have adopted from a breeder in Colorado.  I thought her name was “Rattie” but learned her name was Raven.  Hopefully this time this pup can stay.  Raven is about 4 years old and was a show dog which had three litters of puppies before she was retired.  Papa had found about Rat Terriers and learned about a breeder in Colorado and they got her.  Mom didn’t want to say anything right away because the first four days were not so good and they were thinking about taking her back to the breeder.  They believe that Raven is a keeper so once again I am “sissy”.  So I need to pray that she will stay.  I am so happy for my parents.  I believe that having a puppy was not a good idea but a more mature dog that has its personality already built in would be better for them.  It sounds like Raven will be a keeper this time as long as she does not bite anyone in the next month.

So much has happened today and parts of it even surprised me!

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