March 10th

Today was a busy day.  More so than what I have been used to in the past.  Now that KP does not work for IDS anymore, I have a new worker, M, who is going to take her place Mondays and Thursdays.  She is breaking herself in with my IDS worker MM this month to show her what to expect in my care for the time she is with me.  I do like M very much.  I met her last week when KP was finishing her last week with IDS.  Change was not interrupted to the point that my grocery shopping and food preparation day has changed.  The only thing that has changed is that I got a new worker who shadowed KP the last week of her job at IDS.  I really like M.

I do not know how to feel about KP leaving yet because her last day was this past Thursday.  I do know that she seemed negative or what M would call it, pessimistic, about people not liking her.  That bothered me a bit and I could not get that across to MM very well while KP was working with me.  The neat thing about it, today, was M got it immediately when I talked to her about last Thursday on our way to the grocery store Woodman’s.  It was no joke what I was seeing and feeling, and I could not even let it go until someone else actually understood or saw what I was seeing.  I was on a mission to figure KP out.  Now with that figured out, I can now let it go.  Whew.  I really like M.

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