26 Years Ago

Today marks the 26th year since my kidney transplant.  I have to give the credit to my mother who gave me life on this day in 1988.  I was born 17 ½ years at the time of the transplant and I born with a condition called cerebral palsy because I gulped in some cold air while I was coming out stopped breathing that caused some brain damage.  I was only 3 lbs. 3 ozs. because I was two months premature and the surviving twin.  My twin sister’s name was Kari Lynn K.  I got the name Kristi Mary K.  My mother calls me her miracle child to this day and since the transplant took place, she says she gave me life twice.  That I am forever grateful and love my mother who gave me the gift of life and yes, she has given me life twice.  I could not ask for more.

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