What I Came Home To

Oh my goodness!  I wish my friend RS would make up her mind about moving to another place like this or moving to Illinois!  I also wish she would stop finding way to get herself in trouble where the manager has to site her for breaking a rule or causing trouble with other tenants.  I just got home from my doctor’s appointment in Madison regarding my parathyroid glands that are overactive and need to be removed – wanted by my former doctor regarding kidney transplants.  I was giving RS an update on what the doctor had to say and what his plans were, and why his plans were going to go the way they will, and when my surgery will take place.  Once that was talked about, she talked about how DQ will be calling HUD and reporting elder abuse against the manager and the management, and that an action suit will take place.  My thoughts on what I was hearing were absolutely going wild but I could not get a word out without sounding angry or upset.  I was told to take a stand for what is right and that made me feel that I had to take a side.  I cannot take any side because there is going to be consequences.  I straddle a fence and do not wish to ever take sides of anything that does not involve me and what RS was talking about DOES NOT involve me.  I just got back from the doctor’s office and had an earful of RS’s talk about how she is going to laugh at all of us here at the building having to find new places to live because the building is going to have to be shut down because the manager and management is not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Okay… here is my take on EVERYTHING…  What is going on is the manager is going by the book on how to handle issues that are personal and for the safety of all of the tenants who live here – including me.  I have two workers from IDS who come to help with grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning, and preparing food for the week who see the manager running a tight ship by the book the way it should be.  If the building is going to be closed there has to be other reasons that endangers the tenants or residents of the building and we have electricity, maintenance coming in to fix or make things right in the building, the manager is here every day working Monday – Friday even though the office is closed on Wednesdays to the tenants.  We have an onsite manager here as what is necessary.  It goes that tenants like the manager or do not like the manager.  That is normal but what is not normal is bashing someone and lying about certain activities that are not going on.  I believe a certain tenant who lives on the 1st floor on the same end I do has been lying or if her mental state isn’t stable is seeing and believing certain things are going on.  Now, if there is something going on and the manager is doing something she should not be doing, she will be let go and replaced by someone else.  I am, to be very honest and truthful here, I do not venture out of my apartment much anymore and I do keep to myself.  I still have places to go and things to do outside the building but I keep to myself.  After what RS has said today, I am going to have to sit tight and back off a bit from her because she some raw emotions going on as well as a decision to make.  A decision to walk away from her for good has not come up yet but I am praying for the situation right now.  I am going to give this to God.  I am, since it is late in the day and IDS is closed for the night, will be talking to MM about what happened tonight as soon as I can.

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