The Day After What I Came Home To

Yesterday was fine until I talked to RS.  My appointment in Madison went well and the doctor has a plan to take care of my overactive parathyroid glands but after explaining all that to RS, the fact of what is going on in the building according to RS was mentioned.  After talking to my caseworker at Catholic Charities and with MM at IDS, I realized that I was angry and not happy with RS at all.  The emotions I have had trouble distinguishing more than a year ago are now coming and going without anxiety being involved.  I am, at this time, going to stick to myself and not bother RS for a while since three tenants are moving out in a few days.  She may be feeling upset about two of her friends moving out and what is going on in the building that she sees and I do not see what is going on.  She will have to deal with her emotions on her own for the time being while I prepare for my upcoming surgery and recovery.  I need to be calm and ready for things that deal with my health all around.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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