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My world is moving slowly but surely and I do have to say it is moving.  I am still not happy with RS and I am going to take the weekend without her and concentrate on what needs to be done in my world in the days ahead.  I have to take of me right now and be healthy emotionally.  I have to take care of me for now.  It is almost the end of the month and April will be here.  Saturday is my mom’s 70th birthday and then April 5th, another Saturday a week from Saturday will be my dad’s 72nd birthday.  I have to have a lot of me time right now and get things under control.  Two days ago I handled my appointment very well emotionally and I am looking forward to a fine recovery after surgery on April 14th.  I cannot worry about what other people are jabbering about that has nothing to do with me anyway.  If RS is not happy with me, let her be unhappy with me.  I do not need her attitude about what is supposedly going on around here when I myself do not see or hear anything out of the ordinary.  I am a very observant person and what I am supposed to see will be shown to me through God and I will go from there.  My emotions have been both enlightening and raw at the same time because I no longer have anxiety and panic attacks.  I have found myself many times and the past couple of days questioning whether I am having an anxiety attack or dealing with normal emotion.  What a wonder I find myself in with that after 2 years.

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