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Today, Monday being my grocery shopping day, we had an extra stop to make and that was to the Salvation Army for food.  I got a full chicken, muffins, bread, two pizzas, chips and candy, doughnuts, brats, sausages, and other things.  Then MJ and I went to Woodman’s grocery store in Janesville, Wisconsin.  After grocery shopping, we went to her bank quickly and then we came back and put my groceries away.  After that MJ left, then I had company for a while, then my laundry and cleaning began with C, another worker from IDS.  At 2:45 pm this afternoon, then my IDS worker was done doing laundry and left, and my shower gal left at 4 pm.  Today was a very busy day.  For a Monday it was the busiest day I have ever had in a long time.

Two Weeks from Today

On March 25th parathyroid gland removal surgery was scheduled for two weeks from today.  Before Dr. P retired he looked at my calcium levels and said it was time to take care of my parathyroid glands.  He recommended Dr. C and I do have to admit that, at the time seeing Dr. P, I was a little uncomfortable with another surgery/procedure.  Well, since I have learned about Dr. C, after getting the phone call I have been waiting for more than two months, I have met Dr. C, learned of the procedure he wants to do and he has answered my questions at the time of the appointment.  It is just those questions AFTER the appointment that pop up before a procedure and all that goes along with meeting with a doctor.  I am finding myself in a whirlwind of thought and need of answers before April 10th and April 14th at this time.  Life in itself is a school and classroom with questions and answers.

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