My Sunday Thoughts in a Nutshell

The month of April is passing us very quickly.  Only four days left.  I am not totally shocked on how fast this month has gone by but in awe on how it did.  So much has happened and I cannot tell all about it because time is a factor in my world and I do not have a whole lot of time to write or sit back and reflect today or tomorrow.  My days are very busy now or at least my weekly schedule is working out great at the present moment.  My showers are scheduled daily, I have help with laundry and cleaning, grocery shopping, getting to and from appointments if anything is scheduled, and I go to Bible study every week now and love it.  I go to church every weekend but today I stayed home because of a med issue and that I have my monthly.  I know I have a shower today and that is at 2 pm to 315 pm.  After meeting the new shower gal who will be here every other weekend yesterday, I am good to go and I like my new shower gal very much.  I am going to call Rescare tomorrow and let Rescare know tomorrow.  I can not ask for more when it comes to getting the bet care from an agency.  I just do not know what to say or do other than be happy and go on with my life the way it should be lived and done so the best I can.

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