My Week & Schedule Plus Some Thought

I cannot believe that the month is going to be over after today is done.  Where did April go?  The month flew by quickly.  Like a friend said one day, in so many words, “as we get older the days seem to go more quickly.”  Staying busy this month has helped with some of the days go by more quickly than others but I have found it is so because I have been more busy than before.  My schedule goes as follows:

Sundays through Saturdays I have showers.

Mondays – Grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning

Tuesdays  – Appointments if scheduled or a relaxation day

Wednesdays – Bible study

Thursdays – Meal preparation

Fridays – Relaxation Day

Saturdays – Church two times a month and relaxation

Sundays – Church and relaxation

Now, when it comes to my showers – daily – the times are different except for Tuesdays and Thursdays.  My shower times are:

Monday – 9 am to 1015 am

Tuesday – 830 am – 945 am

Wednesday – 1015 am – 1130 am

Thursday – 830 am – 945 am

Friday – 3 pm – 415 pm

Saturday – 3:45 pm – 5 pm every other and 215 pm to 330 every other

Sunday – 3 pm – 415 pm every other and 2 pm – 315 pm every other

That is my schedule Sunday – Saturday every day no matter.  I always have someone here helping me get things done in my world and life.  I have two agencies coming in and those agencies are Rescare and IDS.  IDS is Independent Disabilities Services formally known as United Cerebral Palsy Apartment Living Program.  I am definitely okay with my schedule but I do have to say that my world does evolve about no matter what.  I have been busy this month that boredom has not settled in at all or not as much.  My worker at IDS who I see on Mondays and Thursdays really enlightens the mood and we have a great time.  My worker that I see Monday afternoons also helps enlighten the mood as well.  Yes, I have two IDS workers coming in on one day and that is definitely Monday.

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  1. ksmiley says:

    I did get a new shower gal for every other Saturday and Sunday, and I love her to pieces. She is such a hard worker and Rescare is not her only job! I had to let T go because she acts like she did not like coming to work, she was always in pain, and personal phone calls from family was going on. With the new shower gal, she does her job and keeps me company without fail.

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