The First Day of May 2014

A new month has arrived for the 2014 year.  April has come and gone very quickly.  The 1st of May unfortunately has arrived cloudy and chilly but the weather is supposed to warm up this weekend.  I have learned to have the “seeing is believing” attitude now-a-days because I am doing my best at allowing God to control my life.  This week, before the weather has changed direction in some fashion, we were expecting thunderstorms on Tuesday and Wednesday but only rained.  I did hear some thunder in the distance but it did that was about it.  I shouldn’t complain but rainy and cloudy weather does not do wonders for me when it comes to feeling the blahs after not having some sun.  A friend of mine even asked where the sun went earlier today.  I had asked that same question myself even though I have known all week that the weather was going to be rainy, wet, and possible thunderstorms.  With the weekend coming, it will warm up again and be a little nicer outdoors.  Or at least we can only hope.  Today, after my shower gal left and my meals were made for the week, I have napped in my recliner in the living room while watching TV and Bing has done the same thing but on the futon.  I believe I am not the only being in the house that is craving for some sunlight right about now.  Despite the weather, I have to admit that my week has gone pretty good.  I won’t argue in other words.

I am glad that April has moved on and May has finally arrived.  It is nice to be able to move on and see what will come into play whether we like it or not.  Outside my workers from IDS, Catholic Charities, and Rescare here, I have not had any company last month except for my neighbor CD and RS stopped by for a few minutes.  My parathyroid surgery is now behind me and I have mended, and I feel real good now.  As far as having company, I am very selective now-a-days.  I am civil to my neighbors when I see them.  I am busy every day of the week and it feels good to be busy.

Since May 2014 has arrived I am going to say that I cannot promise when I will write in my journal because I am always busy and my days are about the same because of a set schedule.  I am remembering when my IDS worker MM once told me to have face to face contact with someone on the weekend when I was home but that has not been priority anymore.  I still have face to face contact with others in the building but I do not do things with other tenants like I used to.  The truth is I have not had RS down with her dog for a long time to watch TV and have a meal together for a month.  From March 25th – April 14th, I was very careful about having visitors outside my IDS, Catholic Charities, and Rescare workers so I would not have gotten sick before surgery.  The day of surgery I did have my neighbor and friend CD sleeping over as a requirement from anesthesia.  In fact, she stayed overnight the day of surgery and the day after.

As I sit here and write my first entry for the first day of May, I am remembering a phone call from CSE that was earlier this afternoon.  She wants to come and visit me and CD sometime this week and it is already Thursday.  I am not too sure about it.  I love CSE very much but I am not very comfortable around her.  My heart does ache and I do feel bad but I believe CSE and I have nothing in common like I once thought.  I will talk to MM about it the next time we talk.  Ever since April 14th, I have enjoyed my space with certain people in it and the idea of my space being invaded with tons of questions and plans made for future visits does not settle too well in my thinking.  I do not consider myself a recluse or anything close to it but I do find myself enjoying my apartment without someone visiting everyday outside my workers.  I do get out from time to time like last Friday to see my friend CB.

It is getting super late and I need to go to bed.  I will be back tomorrow.


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