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The phone call from CSE has made me feel uncomfortable all night long and I still do not wish to have her visit me in person. I know something is not right with CSE and she needs help. I cannot help her since she does not open up or believe she does not need help herself. There is nothing I can do except taking care of myself. I have known CSE for a short time but before she changed her name to CSE she was CKR, and that is one person I remember well and wish CKR would return but that will never happen. My heart is sad and dealing with emotion I cannot explain very well. CSE’s phone call did not settle right in my bones and mind. In fact, CSE scares me enough. MM said that it would the best not to have CSE visit and I agree with her entirely on this subject. I have gotten this far in life.CSE called again today and asked when it would be a good time to visit and bring Ethan over. That did not settle right in my bones. I WILL NOT break the rules living at Burbank Plaza apartment complex for no one. CSE lived here for a couple of years or so and new management took place and we got a new manager to replace the last manager who left because of a new job opportunity things began to change for the better. This is where I had learned more about CSE that indicated some troubling aspects. She frightened me. Anyway, she knew what the rules were and what she needed to do before breaking a rule. She ended up getting herself in trouble and now does not live here and along the way she has made a couple of people not happy with her. So I here I am, not a bother to other people now-a-days, not willing to break a rule and find myself having to find a new place to live. The way I see it today is that CSE does not care about rules. That is the way she wants to live and I won’t be a part of it. The idea of her stepping foot into the building again to visit does not seem right either. I wish there was a way she could not come here at all but she has done nothing wrong to me to enforce a restraining order. What CSE needs is help from medical professionals or in-the-house help, counseling. An intervention is needed. That is the life of CSE I have observed and experienced.


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