Anxiety Building Up

I feel I have not had any time for myself lately.  That is a scary thought.  Outside my scheduled week, I have appointments that are back to back.  I am beginning to feel the pressure building up inside me and I have no idea when I am going to blow into emotion and have my first anxiety attack in a while.  CSE has made me a very unhappy person when it comes to her and sleep has become a very trying time for me once again.  I really do not wan to go to my appointment on Tuesday to see the “doctor” because I have not used the CPAP machine for over a year now and I do not want to use it anymore. What is really setting me off on a tangent about my anxiety rising once again?  CSE has not helped and not the cause of my anxiety but has contributed to the building of the feeling I have inside me.  Anxiety is not a good feeling.  It is bad.

Author: ksmiley

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