More Thought for May 8th

Okay… one more appointment this week.  That is tomorrow!  This is one appointment that I cannot miss although I wish I could.  It is a med check with my psychiatrist HL and I haven’t seen her since December and we had to cancel the appointment last month because of the week the appointment was scheduled before, during, or after my parathyroid surgery.

I do have to admit that I am seeing that I cannot have more than two appointments a week before I feel that I haven’t had time for myself.  I am feeling better now that my bad day is over with, I have had a “crash” yesterday, and now I am going to use my CPAP machine again tonight.  I was not fibbing when I said that the excitement is coming back.  I have found a mask that fits my face better than the one I used before, even though the new mask is similar.  It is more petite and it fits more comfortably.


Details tomorrow.

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