My Life on Friday, May 9th

A Promised Kept

I do want to do what is best for myself.  LM, my “doctor” told me to use the mask for an hour and then add more time to using my mask until I get used to the idea of using my CPAP machine along with the mask again.  I did make that agreement and set myself up for doing just that…

…but I ended up with the mask all night because I had fallen asleep and slept about 6 ½ hours of sleep last night now and so using the mask for an hour and building up to the whole night wasn’t necessary.  My body must have remembered what it was like to have a good night’s sleep and feel rested in the morning and needn’t to have a trial period.  I kept my promise!

 Before the Weekend Begins

have my shower gal here from 3 pm to 415 pm today and then I am out the door to see HL regarding my anxiety/panic and depression disorder with my IDS worker MM.  I will be glad when get back home for the rest of the day, evening, and night.  After my 445 pm appointment at Genesis Counseling Services is over with my weekend begins.

 After 445 PM

My appointment with HL went smoothly.  After it was over, MM and I headed back to my place with one stop in-between.  I wanted to have a Subway sub for supper and I ended up getting a grilled chicken sub with flat bread with guacamole spread, pepper jack and provolone cheese, spinach leaves, black olives, cucumber, tomato, and light mayo.  Yum!!  MM dropped me off and helped me get inside the building, and then left.  I got my mail and went into my apartment to run to the bathroom and then eat my sub sandwich.

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