A Saturday At Home

CPAP Machine Success

Last night the CPAP machine was on all night long once again and I will also admit that I am in favor for the CPAP machine once again.  I will no argue about using the CPAP machine again.  I believe my “doctor” LM will be pleased and impressed.  CPAP machine success indeed!  Tonight will mark the 3rd night since I began using it again after over a year of not using it and I recommend all sleep apnea patients to use their CPAP machines and find the right mask to use that suits best.  CPAP machines do help sleep apnea.

 Life on this Saturday

I will not deny that sleeping in or resting until 730 am felt real good.  I believe I said that right.  It felt real good!  Waking up to the idea of sleeping better and not feeling tired when I first wake up or feeling I needed to take a nap in the afternoon has been a wonderful feeling for the past two straight days.  I got up and did my ritual stuff, took my morning meds, got breakfast, and fed my “Little Man” Bing Crosby the cat, and then started my journaling and Facebook stuff, and spending some time with God.  My shower gal did not get here until 215 pm and stayed until 330 pm and I do have to admit that I did think at first she was going to be here at 2 pm! An oops at my end that was easily taken care of.  I had my shower and got comfortable for the rest of the afternoon and evening, and now it is almost time for me to say good night and God bless.  It was an easy Saturday all day long and tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I am going to church.

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