Mother’s Day

Today is a special day for all the mothers out there and I am forever grateful for my mother because she gave me life twice.  Yes, my mother, the second chance at life, gave me a kidney when my own two kidneys failed by the time I was 17 years old.  My mother gave me a gift that could not be put under the Christmas tree wrapped with pretty paper and a bow on top.  This gift ended up going inside me and working.

I went to church this morning.  First I went to Sunday School/Growth Group and the to worship service and then I came home to spend some time with my Bing Crosby kitty.  I had my shower at 2 pm and then my mom called me at 3 pm and we chatted for a while.  As soon as the phone rang I answered saying “Happy Mother’s Day” to my mother.  I do not know if she heard me really, though.  I think her mind was on the company they were having over to share supper with tonight. That’s okay.  I am used to it.  The important thing is that we were able to talk for a few minutes and she called. To be honest, as soon as my shower gal left for the day, I would have called my mom but my mom beat me to it.  I do believe, before we hung up, mom did hear me say “Happy Mother’s Day” to her.

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