Observing is a Tough Thing

With being sick I have planned on not going to church this weekend and infect anyone else with my yuckies.   I still do not wish my sickness on anyone and my worst enemy.  I do not have any enemies anyway.  I just have people who do not do not care if I exist or not or wish I was never around.  I even know that some people wish I did not live near them or care to see me out in public in the same space they are in.  Why did I even say this?  I am just venting per se.

I have not seen my neighbor who lives above me for a very long time.  In fact I have not talked to her for a couple of weeks or so.  The last conversation I remember having with her was about using my CPAP machine again once I get a new mask that is more comfortable than the one I was using.  I have tried calling her more than once but I have not gotten any answer.  My neighbor has been hanging around with another neighbor lately.   Being the observer I am and there are moments I do not like what I observe because of the negativity it can show, I have a feeling that she is not happy with me and does not want to talk to me because I won’t take a side in what is supposedly happening here with the onsite manager and management.  I rarely hear her above me now.  I have decided, today, that I will not bother with her anymore.  I will let her live her own life and I will go on with my own.  All I can do is pray for her now.

Nothing is happening around Burbank Plaza that is illegal.  Some tenants are just not happy because of the rules of living here have been enforced.  Tenants have moved because they did not like manager or they have been evicted because they did not comply to the rules that have been enforced.  There have been a couple of evictions now that I know of and I believe my neighbor I have not heard from for a couple of weeks now is upset with me because I have taken a side which I haven’t.  I have just observed behaviors of tenants for a few months now and my neighbor happens to be a part of a certain group that I wish to not be a part of.  If she believes I have taken a side she will realize it one day too late. I just know that the manager is doing everything by the book and I like it.  I do not want to break a rule while living at Burbank Plaza and being a part of a certain group or clique does not make me feel comfortable.  So I have been keeping to myself and leaving my apartment when I go out to go grocery shopping, go to Bible study/prayer meeting, church, appointments, and for a walk in the hallway(s) when the manager is working.  I rarely leave my apartment now-a-days because I have no reason to visit neighbors anymore. All the tenants who live here have their own lives to live and I have my own.  It just seems better to be friends with people on the outside of the building now-a-days.  There seems to be drama in Burbank Plaza going on and it is absolutely ridiculous and honestly childish.  I wish not to be a part of drama if I can help it.  I almost believed that one of the tenants was being mistreated but learned otherwise found myself straddling the fence and observed otherwise.  That is why I find observing not a fun thing to do sometimes.

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