Right now I am not on the computer for long lengths of time.  I have been resting and taking care of my cold – something viral.  I do know that something is going around after talking to the nurse on Wednesday and again today to give her an update.  I told the nurse about my fever ranging from 99.0 to 100.5 and that I am taking only 650mg of Tylenol Arthritis every six hours as needed.  Now I just have to wait for my shower and get comfortable for the weekend and get as much sleep as I can during the time I do have anyone here.  Tomorrow I have my shower gal here at 345 pm to 5 pm and then on Sunday at 3 pm to 415 pm.  I am not going to church this weekend at all because I still have a fever.  I am not going to infect other people with my yuckies.  I wouldn’t wish my yuckies on anyone even my worst enemy.

During my yuckies I have been dreaming strange and unusual dreams because I am not getting effective sleep.  Even during my ineffective sleep, I have been thinking about some things that have been on the back burner of mind for a while now.  In fact some things have been on my mind for a long time and some of it is pretty sad stuff when I think about it because of how some people lie and get others to believe.  I am actually getting ahead of myself here.

Living in an apartment complex as close knit as Burbank Plaza Apartment Complex you come across a variety of personalities and everyone has walked a different path in their lifetime from past to present.  I have always wondered why cliques are such a big deal when it comes to belonging or not but that will never be founded.  We have cliques in the building.   I cannot be a part of any clique or I feel I am taking a side.


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