Despite the fact that I am not feeling well right now and I do have a fever and coughing like crazy, I am expecting medicine to be delivered sometime after 11 am.  I do not want to repeat yesterday’s experience again if I can help it.  I know I will be okay and I will be resting a lot over the weekend and having my afternoon showers on Saturday and Sunday.  The showers will help me out some as well.

My thoughts are coming and going like a big, stormy wind and I wish I can control them but I am not going to even try since I am not feeling good.   I have had my shower and MJ has been here preparing my desired meals for the week and left before 12 noon.  I have been resting by watching TV all day and napping here and there because I have no company coming until 3 pm tomorrow when it’s my shower time.  My throat hurts a little bit but I have medicine for that or I am just dealing with it.  I do not feel very hungry right now but I will force myself to eat shortly.

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