Definitely Sick

Okay… now I am definitely NOT feeling very good and I did call the doctor’s office but my doctor is out for the week.  Here I am feeling miserable and have a temperature and coughed so much that I thought I was going to split into two and because I have coughed so much, I have a headache.  Maybe the headache has come because of my sinuses so there are two possibilities as to why I have a headache.  I took care of it by taking Tylenol Arthritis 650mg.  I did talk to the nurse and told her what my symptoms were and she told me that some viral stuff are going around.  Since my doctor is not available this week, I decided to talk to the pharmacist at the pharmacy about what cough syrup would be best for my situation and have that coming tomorrow with some medication.  Yes, I do feel yucky and miserable.  I am also sad because I can not go to Bible study/prayer meeting tonight.  It is, on good judgment, not wise for me to go out when I have a fever and I am contagious with this good ol’ Spring cold virus.  I will call and talk to the nurse again on Friday and give her an update.

I scared my shower gal this morning with my coughing and hacking to the point of almost throwing up.  I did not mean to scare her intentionally.  My shower was quick and I got into something comfortable.

I know I am in for the long haul during this yucky time.  My plans on going to church Saturday and Sunday are put on hold as well.  I am not going anywhere this weekend so I can rest because I am finding myself with a fever along with it this evening.  Not my favorite cup of tea but I am not willing to infect others with whatever I have – a Spring/Summer cold or one of those nasty viral “things” going around.

I dislike getting sick with fever at anytime of the year.  It drives me crazy.  I hate being unable to play games on my phone, be on Facebook, taking time to write, and to be clear minded. Fevers always put me a fog and I seem to fall into a whirlwind of dreams that do not make any sense.

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