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I still remember last Tuesday not being a very good day for me emotionally but today is definitely much better.  I can not expect anymore about my day.  Because of my grocery shopping was postponed to today, I saw my favorite IDS worker MJ this morning after my shower.  We got together by 10 am and went to Woodman’s.  I have been calling Woodman’s my marathon store because I walk from one end of the store to the other and back again.  I believe the owner PL and his family should have a walk-a-thon in their store once a week and I would recommend Mondays since that is the day I go grocery shopping unless IDS is closed on a Monday because of a holiday.  Speaking of a holiday, Memorial day is on the 26th of May and IDS will be closed that day, and I will be seeing MJ on Tuesday and we will be going grocery shopping and then we will be doing cleaning and laundry.  My IDS worker C can not see me the week of the 26th so I will be seeing MJ on the 27th.

I am afraid I am catching a cold.  I am going to have to call the doctor’s office tomorrow.

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